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• will provide you with healthy antioxidant water, whose redox potential is close to that of internal environment of the human body varying from -150 to -300 mV.pH 7.4-to 8.5 The redox potential of water obtained from domestic strainers of any type, battled drinking water or tap water is + 200 to +300 mV.
• helps eliminate microorganisms and microbe toxins thanks to oxidation reactions on inert electrodes, for this reasons microbes do not accumulate or proliferate within the equipment.
• removes harmful organic compounds from water (herbicides, pesticides, phenols).
• does not demineralize water preserving all useful microelements: K, Na, Ca, Mg, Li, F, I, etc. The basic process – redox reactions on inert electrodes – has the maximum similarity to natural processes of water purification by wind and sun, as well as to the phagocytosis in the human body when microorganisms and foreign substances are being eliminated AQUALIFE-REDOX adds antioxidant properties to the water which ensures the following benefits during its use as a part of your everyday food intake.


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