The offer for AJA members

The offer for AJA members

Digitalibook offers an online service to turn PDF to page flipping eBook. Send us  your PDF and recive online eBooks with page turning effect. Also we will create an one minute Youtube video presentation about your ebook or buisiness.

For AJA members we offer 50% discount.

With Digitalibook PDF files are converted into page flipping eBooks using our proprietary process technology. Turn your plain PDF documents into dynamic page flipping eBook and view the content like vivid papers.

The new created page flipping eBook allows users to read on PC, Mac, Linux, Unix and many other mobile systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.

1. Converts PDFs into eBooks including:
Catalogs, Manuals, Flyers, Reports, White Papers, Newsletters, Brochures, Magazines, Photo Albums. 
2. Working independently of Adobe PDF reader.
3. Streaming loads pages.
4. Viewers have options to zoom with variable resolution.
5. HTML5 supported for iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile systems.
6. Instant modifier.

Why Digitalibook…

Your audiences go everywhere, Digitalibook gives the possibility for them to read flipbooks at anywhere on any device. 
• Desktop
• Laptop
• Tablets
• Smart phones

3D Page Flipping styles
Digitalibook converts your existing PDF as online magazine with stunning 3D page turning effect, then streaming access it with various devices such as PC, Mac, iPad, Android phones, tablets, etc. 
Digitalibook offers optional page reading styles depends on your publication type.

True 3D page flipping solution
Pages are shown facing in screen, like a real expanded book, created in real 3D effect and shadows. It is recommended if your e-magazine is a mixture of pictures and text contents.

Reading flipping solution
Pages are initially shown facing, and showing single page when zoomed in, scroll mouse wheel to pan page, best for mixed contents but comparable more texts in pages.

Plain reading solution
EBook created in plain reading style, it is good for mainly texts in the eBook, users scroll mouse wheel to read. No page 3D page turning effects for this mode.

Texts and vector graphics remain clear in the Digitalibook page flipping publication, and don’t go pixilated.
Raster images barely lose resolution during PDF to flash page flipping conversions (the converted image quality depends on the raster image quality in PDF).
Compared with solutions using only raster images, vector type of contents makes eBook files much smaller in size, faster to data travel over network and quicker to see first page of your online eBooks.

Rich contents for eBook
Rich type of contents are supported by Digitalibook, texts with multitype of fonts, images with transparency, PDF bookmark, hyper links, video clips, audio embeded, such PDF contents are well converted, or can be added to the page flipping book.

Hyperlinks supported
Hyperlinks are automatically detected and converted. Both internal, external and email links are supported.

Searchable contents
Texts in PDF are converted as searchable texts in flash, audience can easily search and locate the page that contains the string they are looking for.

Publication with Share button
Social network sharing helps to get more audiences. Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and email options are provided.


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